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  1. srsn Jun 02, 2016

    Thanks for the +fave

  2. elisadevelon Elite Member Dec 13, 2014

    Thanks for the +fav! :3

    Die Dämmerung der Menschheit by elisadevelon

  3. Painter Nov 25, 2014

    Thanks for the fav from both of us ^-^

  4. Monu-chan Moderator Nov 20, 2014

    Quote by fukushuushaHey;

    Glad you like it. I think it was a manga scan i colored way back. Cant remember the chapter but the fight was between ace and blackbeard; last scenes. I ll PM it to you if i find it among my rusty hdd...sorry for now tho. Cant help much.

    Take care

    Thanks! :D

  5. Monu-chan Moderator Nov 12, 2014

    just dropping by to say that I LOVE your Avatar!
    Can you please link me the image to have used for making the avatar?

    Thanks for the time :D

  6. yoneyu Aug 26, 2014

    Quote by fukushuusha This is just breathtaking...jeez lady you have some serious skills.
    Loving everything about the piece.

    *Blushes* Thank you so very much! *cries* You're too nice <3

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